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the layers within

Starting with this wonderful painting from Agnes-Cecile, called “the layers within”.  She is an Italian red-haired painter, based in Rome

I still don’t remember where I discovered her artwork the first time, it may be when I was searching for wallpapers for my desktop. The first painting that I remember was a piece called “About a new place” where I really liked the colors and the dripping paint. It had totally girly colors and motives: butterflies. I am not an artist, but I know that her paintings can express so many feelings. Anger, Rage, Happiness and Purity being some of them. Her paintings are deep, even though they are in a simple setting: a white canvas with a person or two on it. The combination of the colors also come pretty to the eye. Her paintings are most often watercolor paintings and that’s why the colors and contours are soft and pastel. But she also paints with oil & acrylic and ink.

I would love to see her paintings in real life once, and I will soon buy a print from her, as I don’t yet afford to buy a painting. I am always looking forward to new paintings on her home page.

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