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My problem with… time

Most people have a problem with time management and have the feeling there is never enough time to do what they have to do. I am one of those people. Always trying to do too many tasks in too little time. I have an almost full-time job, I study, I am part of a student organization and have a boyfriend. It’s been really hard to finish all my tasks and because of this, I have neglected my studies. Thus studying for much longer than expected.

After reading many articles and watching videos about time management I found something. Supposedly the secret of how to manage time is to create ToDo lists with priorities and estimated time of completion.

There are quite a few reasons why this didn’t work for me:

  1. I am a super procrastinator so even if I create these tasks I will delay them
  2. I have no idea how to prioritize and estimate the length of my tasks, or how to break them in smaller tasks
  3. I am more preoccupied with which medium to use to create my tasks ( what app, should I use paper, should I buy a book ) than actually focusing on the tasks
  4. I try to multi-task – this is one of the worst because focusing on one task is proven to increase the productivity
  5. I get overwhelmed when I create my tasks and anxiety kicks in

So my approach is to tackle the underlying problems.

One of the problems is procrastination and creating more feasible tasks. For this I use the Pomodoro Technique ( Tomatoid ) when I have to focus on one task and an offline To do list ( a weekly calendar book ) for writing down the tasks. It is hard. You have to discipline yourself and create the tasks every day and check them. This following week I’ll try to keep up with this discipline to see if it’s fruitful.

Do you have any time management tips for me?


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  • 3C Style

    A problem with time? OMG If I could have a super power I would chose to have the ability to stop time… Ummm, now that I think of it teleportation seems super great too!

    • ngc922 (Diana)

      The ability to stop time would be awesome.. just imagine doing all the chores, then sleeping or relaxing. And then you press play and time continues. Well one problem would be that you’ll get older than other people faster! :O

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