Trip to Barcelona (1)

This last august I traveled to Barcelona. My main reason to go there was because I heard lots of nice comments about it and my aunt lives very close to Barcelona. As I have learned there august is the worst time to go to Barcelona because there are so many people there that sometimes it’s a struggle to go around. The queues are endless but thankfully most of the tickets can be bought online.

Day 1

We arrived to the airport fairly late, at 22:00 PM. We picked up our luggage and then we traveled with the Aerobus to our hotel Onix Fira in Placa Espana. The hotel had good reviews online but in reality it’s a 2 to 3 stars hotel. The place is really great, centered and with lots of stuff to do around it. But it had some problems like the double bed, which was made out of two single beds which would just slip away from each other making a very loud noise. Our “view” was basically a wall of the next building. We left our stuff at the hotel and took a short walk in the park nearby and played a bit at the playground 🙂

Day 2

Day 2 was sadly a holiday in Barcelona, but even though most of the stores were closed we enjoyed an awesome and exhausting day discovering the center of the city. We started in Placa de Catalunya and walked down the Las Ramblas until we saw the Columbus statue and the wonderful sea. From there on we went to the Gothic Quarter to Placa Reial and the Cathedral. We walked around and saw the Town Hall and all the pretty buildings and narrow streets. One thing that bothered me the most in Barcelona was the constant piss smell. Everywhere. We then ate at Sensi Bistro. I have to say I still dream to eat that food because it was so delicious, definitely the best meal I had there. Another big plus is the public transport. Very easy to use and understandable.

We finished the day by enjoying our evening at the pretty beach called Barceloneta with our feet in the sand.

Catedral de Barcelona

Day 3

This was the awaited beach day! We didn’t take any important stuff with us because we were totally paranoid of thieves. Because Barcelona is known for its pick-pocketers and petty thieves. We chose the last beach, because as we guessed, it was almost empty in the morning. We closed the day with watching the magic fountain show and eating some tapas with a bottle of wine.


Day 4 / August 17th

On this day we went up to the National Museum of Catalunya by foot. And from there on to Montjuic. By foot. It was exhausting. But totally fun and worth it. The view is awesome in all directions. We came down with the cable car, in the wrong place. We wanted to go to Barceloneta but ended up somewhere else and we were so exhausted that we decided to go home. Still 30 minutes by foot because we are cheap. Haha. And then we decided to spend some time at the tiny pool our hotel had on its roof. We didn’t bring any phones and just bathed and read.

We were planning to go in the city after but when we got back to the room we had messages on our phones with people asking we are alright and to write back asap. At this point we were confused and we found out that there was a terrorist attack just a few kms away. I was really sad and shocked… my heart broke for those affected. We decided to spend the rest of the evening in our hotel room, watching the news and Rick and Morty and eating the snacks and bread we bought earlier in the day.


The next day we moved to our next place but that will come in the next post.

Have you ever been to Barcelona? I definitely recommend you to go if not, but not in august!

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