Trip to Barcelona (2)

Day 5

We reserved two nights on AirBnb in the Gracia district, because we were supposed to attend an event there. Sadly the event was canceled because of the attack so we were left to create our own program for the next few days. Our host was very nice to us and he had an awesome cat! The apartment was nice and clean and our room was totally cute. Here we learned the importance of air conditioning in Spain. It was so hot during the night that we could barely sleep, so make sure you have air conditioning in Spain!

Our cute room

Our host advised us not to go in the center of the city because of the situation so we decided to go to Parc Guell. Of course most of the people had the same thinking as us so it was full there, but it was still fun to walk in it and discover the gardens. The park was being renovated and the queues were long so we decided not to go inside. We instead wanted to walk around the district and discover some interesting shops. We ended up buying a T-Shirt, Postcard and some fresh cooled mango. Yum.

In the evening we went out to a restaurant called Samsara, where we got like 8 tapas and a bottle of wine for 25~ euros. To be honest the tapas had a very intense taste so I didn’t enjoy the food there. And yes, it was too much.

Day 6

On this day we traveled to Sabadell to see my aunt because she suggested that we shouldn’t spend time in Barcelona. She cooked for us and then we went to Figueres to see the Dali Museum. It was as expected an extravagant and weird museum. Which is a good thing, it is the best museum I have been to! The museum is huge so be sure to take your time to see all of it. We also went to see the jewelry museum where there are displayed some very interesting pieces. We closed the day with spending some time at the beach in Barceloneta.


Day 7

This was a very chill day. We went to a fishers village where the beach was very big and empty, but the water was only until the waist. I got a jellyfish scare too. We went to Calella de Palafrugell and enjoyed the beautiful city. Of course because it was august it was extremely full, so don’t go there in august. We then closed the evening with some Paella.


Day 8

This day was awesome! We went to Montserrat with the car, lots of curves which made me dizzy. The mountain is an amazing wonder of nature. The monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat was founded in the 10th century and it has a quite interesting history. The abbey was burned down twice by Napoleons troops and many of the treasures were lost. There lies also the Lady of Montserrat, the statue that depicts Madonna and the Child. We took the Funicular up the top of the mounting to enjoy the stunning view. Of course I met a cat there.


Day 9

We went back to Barcelona because we couldn’t leave without seeing Sagrada Familia and Park de la Ciutadella! Sagrada Familia and the lights flowing inside the church through the stained glass was breathtaking. We sat inside and enjoyed the pipe organ. I would have regretted not going there. We moved on to Parc de la Ciutadella where we walked around and tried the boats on the lake and took pictures of the mammoth. We spent the rest of the evening eating ice cream in the center of Sabadell. A totally fun and exhausting day!

0037-Sagrada Familia Evangelists.jpg

On the last day we walked around Sabadell to buy stuff for my parents and then went to the airport to fly to Romania.

All in all it was an awesome experience and worth the money even if there was some misfortune while we were there.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will have a great time in Barcelona if you go there!

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