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Must see in Moravia: Lednice Castle

I had the opportunity to visit the Lednice town in Moravia, Czech Republic. I spent two nights there and slept in a student dorm. There I had a barbecue the first evening but sadly it started raining. I was worried about the rain because my main reason for spending the weekend there was to bike in the Lednice-Valtice region.

Luck was on my side because Saturday was a very nice day. It was not too hot or cold, just perfect for a long bike trip.

Our main stop: Lednice Castle

The castle was the summer residence of the ruling Princes of Liechtenstein. The family of Liechtenstein owned the majority of the land around it, along with the Valtice palace. The chateau was first built as a Renaissance Villa, redesigned in a baroque style and lastly, it was rebuilt in a Neo-Gothic style. This castle passed through a lot of renovations. It is now owned by the Czech Republic because it was confiscated after the WWII.

Around the Lednice castle, there is a big land which was transformed into English Gardens. Lots of people take walks in the park, where vendors sell ice cream and juice.

I opted for the English tour but if you want to see the other side of the castle, you would have to take the Czech tour. The interior of the castle is absolutely beautiful. Each room is decorated with beautiful flowers to compliment the furniture.

The wood pieces like stairs and ceiling always have great detail in it. I was impressed by the different styles of the rooms like the dining room or the smoking room.

The chateau is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Czech Republic and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are in the region I definitely recommend you to visit.

We visited the surrounding region and diverse sites built by the Liechtenstein family for the rest of the bike trip. A walk through the English gardens and up to the Minaret was the perfect way to end this trip. I took the cover picture from the Minaret where you can see the castle and even Austria in the distance!

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