5 Reasons why I hate these types of titles

Ever since creating my blog I have been out of inspiration on what to write and what I want this blog to be. ( I still don’t know that). So I started searching for other blogs to read and learn from others experiences with blogging. One thing I realized is that many people just blog for money nowadays. There are tons of blogs that teach you how to make money, how to build a brand and a network, how to put ads on your blog and other topics of this kind. It’s hard to find a blog where the person just writes about topics that he/she likes, or at least I haven’t found many. 

This is THE new career lots of women aim for ( I have not seen one man in those Facebook promoting groups ).  And because a lot of people blog for money, which is not a bad thing as long as you are passionate about the topic you are writing, they come up with these boring titles. Boring, but they catch your attention! How is that possible? Buzzfeed, BoredPanda and other similar sites use these titles and it just works for them. Just googling “catchy titles” gives me this exact type of posts:

It’s everywhere and it’s driving me crazy! I can’t expect a good article from such a title and I don’t remember finding a good one. Wait, I think I just diss my own post. I wonder if it will bring clicks on this post. Really, the moment I make another post with this kind of title will be the moment I stop writing forever.

I think that the best post titles are pretty simple and send a message. They tell you a very short story about what the article is about. If someone is interested in that short story, they will read the article. Now, I am pretty sure that I suck at coming up with titles but I found some nice ones on Nat Geo for example:

Photographing Intimate Moments in Indigenous Amazonian Communities


The Moon Is Electric—Especially When It’s Full

Let me know what is your idea of a good blog post! 

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