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How social media affects me

These days everyone has one or more social media accounts. It can even come as weird if you don’t have any. People ask you how do you keep in contact with everyone if there is no way to contact you online? Why does one have to work so hard to contact you?

A few years ago, I know I deactivated my Facebook and people who had my phone number started asking me if something happened. It felt good to distance myself from all the people. To not know where some random ex-classmate of me is. It felt freeing in a way. But this lasted two or three months and the fear of missing out kicked in. What if there is a cool event and I haven’t even heard of it? What if something happened and everyone but me knows?

It may seem silly now but that’s the reason I activated my account back. I have periods of time where I use social media a bit too much. In these times I find myself getting depressed. I start comparing myself with these happy, perfect people on my social media feed and questioning if I am that happy. Deep inside I know it’s just an image we create, we only post the highlights of our lives. I still keep forgetting that and I am comparing my life with their lives and I am sinking in my own misery.

The solution that works best for me

…is to delete all apps from my phone and only log in on my own laptop. Just this small step stopped me from checking social media so often. I stopped caring about the likes and I stopped taking pictures just to put them online. I only check for pictures and posts from the pages I really enjoy. All of this really helped with my well being.

And because social media affects me like this, I don’t really have social media accounts for my blog. Maybe if I keep posting I will create some to help people discover me.

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