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Losing weight – the healthy way?

As of 19th of November, I started again to try to lose some weight. Weight loss has always been an important subject for me. All my life I felt that I am not at my ideal body shape and weight. And sadly, as time passed, I only gained more and my self-esteem suffered. I tried to make changes multiple times but I always go back to my old ways of eating too many sweets. Slowly the weight just creeps back and sometimes I even gain more than I initially had. My brain just decides to ignore the concept of healthy for a while and I eat whatever I want.

My goal

My goal is to lose 10 kilograms to get to a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 20. Maybe this goal is too ambitious but it is not a fixed goal! I wouldn’t mind if I lost only 8 kilograms as long as I look and feel good. I don’t have a fixed date for my goal weight but I hope that it won’t take more than a year.

My method

I am reading Reddit a lot so I follow a few subreddits about weight loss such as /r/loseit, /r/1200isplenty and /r/progresspics. People here mostly follow CICO. CICO is short for Calories In Calories Out. For this, you have to eat at a caloric deficit of 500 kcal to lose half a kilogram a week. That means for me that I have to eat 1200 kcals per day ( or more if I exercise ).

When talking about food, portion control is very important. I weigh almost everything and add it to my food journal on MyFitnessPal. I search for low calories recipes or try to lower the calories for the recipes that I have. Some useful sites would be EatingWell or SkinnyTaste but also /r/1200isplenty.

I still eat sweets and drink alcohol, but in moderation, and I try to fit it into my calorie goal. Today, for example, I baked some Christmas cookies and let’s just say that I tasted too many. I am definitely over my calorie goal today but that’s ok. I won’t try to starve myself tomorrow to “make up for it” but rather I will eat healthier and keep my dedication to having a healthy lifestyle.

About exercising… ugh. I bike to work every day. That’s 20 minutes. I also try to work out at home but that’s not coming so easy right now. And I also dance once a week.

How I feel

Currently and always a bit hungry. Not super hungry, just a bit. But as time passes it gets easier and easier to eat less. It gets easier to cook healthy stuff. Also, I learned to say no to a lot of stuff: no to a glass of wine, a cookie, a fat piece of meat, chips and other foods. I now feel gross when I eat too many sweets or too much food. It makes a difference when I eat healthily or not.

The progress

It has been almost two weeks since I started just eating better. My pants are getting looser. I am not so bloated anymore and because of this, I lost 1 cm from my waist. Kilo-wise I have lost 1.5 kilograms which is a pretty good progress. But it’s always like this at the beginning, the first kilograms come off really easy. I am a bit afraid of Christmas but I will try hard to still eat within my calorie goal.

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  • Stephen

    Had to do the math – looks like my goal is about the same as yours (22 pounds) though I think my timeframe is a bit more ambitious; I’m trying to lose that by March 2019. That’s based on 1.5 pounds a week, so I think it’s doable. I “started” over again about the same time.

    ImI glad to see you’re using some of the same resources I am – and here I was about to suggest r/loseit 😉 how do you find some of the recipe websites you’re using? I should give some of those a try.

    • DianaEvelin

      You can do this! I guess with exercise and dedication it’s doable, but I just didn’t want to stress myself so much about it.

      To be honest, I google a lot “low cal recipes” or “low cal [name of meal]”. And I also discovered through Reddit, recipes that people like. Some of the recipes are a pain in the ass though, for example the SkinnyTaste Empanadas left me so frustrated! I had problems with the dough sticking everywhere but they turned out delicious. Eating Well is also nice, I tried some of the chicken recipes ( ) and they turned out reaaally good. 🙂

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