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Lovran, Croatia: How to spend a relaxing holiday

I started booking this holiday pretty late and I didn’t find anything that interested me for a long time. But I am glad that I found a perfect holiday in Lovran and immediately booked it! I went the easy and maybe not the cheapest way and booked over Hofer Reisen, a holiday organizer.

Our trip was planned for September which is why we were afraid the weather won’t be kind to us. We wanted a hotel with an inner pool where we could spend rainy days in. So I found Remisens Hotel Excelsior. In pictures, it was a perfect choice because it had an inner and outer pool, a sauna and a gym room. In reality, it didn’t look as clean and luxurious.

View on Lungomare

We traveled there by bus, a trip that took ca. 10 hours. We got down in Opatija and took a taxi until Lovran. Be careful when taking taxis because they will fool you with their prices and ask for more. Just ask before what their price is and haggle it down or search for another taxi. Also, exchange your money in Opatija or Rijeka because the exchange rates are very touristy there (aka you will get ripped off).

First impressions about the hotel

The staff was always super nice to us and the serving was top. I was really happy with my sea-view room (even though it cost more). Everything was nice and clean except some parts of the pool. The sauna area had a relaxing ambient, letting me enjoy my first time at the saunas. I was bummed out that the Turkish sauna was broken but really loved the Finnish one. Also what found disappointing is that almost all the showers at the pool were broken, even though they market that everything was renovated in 2015.

Night view from our hotel room

We had breakfast and dinner included, and the buffet was huge! So huge that I could have 4 types of courses and could always choose 4-6 foods per course. The food was decent and my vegetarian friend had too, enough choices of what to eat. But the drinks were SO overpriced that my jaw dropped when I wanted to order a beer. 5 Euros for 0,5L is expensive even in Austria. (We decided to buy our alcohol at Konzum down the road for much cheaper). The downside of this is that we never felt the need to eat out, so on my 5th and last day the buffet was already meh.

Mošćenička Draga beach
Mošćenička Draga beach

What to do in Lovran

  1. Spend a day relaxing at your hotel beach. Usually, hotels in Lovran have their own private beaches. If not, go to the public beach where you will find as always a concrete beach, a bar and some fun blow up water slides.
  2. If it’s raining (which will happen if you go in September) then spend a day at the hotel swimming and enjoying the sauna.
  3. Walk the Lungomare! It goes all the way to Opatija so take advantage of that and walk 6 km and have a day trip in Opatija. If walking back is too much you can take the bus which is super cheap.
  4. Day trip to Mošćenička Draga. Take the bus there, it takes ~20 minutes. You can ask at the reception for the bus timetables. The beach there is very pretty and you can do some street shopping.
  5. Head into the port and city center of Lovran. We drank some awesome beers there and walked around discovering pretty streets and small crafty stores. We ate ice cream and checked the inside of the church.
  6. If you are staying longer then a trip to Rijeka is also possible!
  7. In the evening enjoy some quality time at the pubs or on your balcony!
Girl with seagull in Opatija
Girl with seagull in Opatija
View from Lungomare
View from Lungomare

All in all

Lungomare road with trees

I enjoyed my time there! Sometimes it got boring because it rained but we found stuff to do in our fancy hotel. I would not stay more than 5 days and I would not go in August because of the tourists or in September because it may be a bit cold. A perfect time would rather be June and beginning of July.

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