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Review: Castlevania

Finally, I got to watch Castlevania, one very hyped up series on Netflix. Every time Netflix would be paused they would start showing the image with Castlevania. To be honest, it didn’t attract my attention at all. But then my boyfriend just decided to watch an episode and I was immediately hooked. I have to confess: one reason is that it is happening in Romania and it’s funny how they pronounce the city names.

The plot

The series is based on the video game series with the same name, created by Konami. It follows the adventures of Trevor Belmont, his fights with demons and monsters in medieval Wallachia. The main antagonist is Vlad ČšepeČ™ ( aka Dracula) the vampire king. It basically has everything from magic to gore scenes, science, humor, emotional scenes. One thing I like is the randomness of their names. I mean, the show is happening in Wallachia but there are only two characters with Romanian names: Vlad and Adrian. But Adrian is also called Fahrenheit and nicknamed as Alucard. He’s a pretty boy but his name is pretty ridiculous.

The art

Even though it’s an american series the art reminds us of anime art. It’s like to make up for the ugliness of the older games. Before, Trevor’s face would be made of 10 pixels and now he became a decent looking guy. The scenes with the castle are stunning as most environment scenes. My favorite of them is the intro scene of the first episodes, that reminds us of Vlad’s hobby: impaling.

My opinion

After binge-watching the series in a few days ( which is not that hard ) I decided that I really liked it. Some people were complaining about the second season that there is not much action going on, but I liked it nevertheless. Character development is an important part of a series and you have to appreciate it. I definitely recommend watching it!

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