Does it matter?

I think about the opinion of other people about what I write in these posts. I am too preoccupied not to write about too personal experiences because I feel the need to be private. But I also wish people would look at these pages and resonate with my feelings, or feel better after reading. I also don’t want to be a cliché lifestyle blogger and it’s pretty damn hard. I am too harsh on my writing and have long breaks where I don’t write anything. Do I just write a review of something just for the sake of writing in the blog?

But does it matter? This is one blog out of other thousands or hundred of thousands blogs. People will barely stumble across this page unless I start doing boring marketing on pinterest or twitter or build my SEO. Whatever that means. But why do I have to do all that when I don’t want to make money out of this? I just want my own pretty pages where I can write my thoughts, my favourite series, food, moments.

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